Essex County Deer Management Program Resumes

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
January 15, 2013

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Essex County is resuming its deer management program for the sixth consecutive year in an effort to maintain the county’s deer population.

The hunt takes place starting next at the South Mountain Reservation and Hilltop Reservation. County Executive Joe DiVincenzo says the deer population has been a safety issue for years and says something has to be done to control it.

“When all the undergrowth is gone at the reservation, which causes a problem their they’re actually going and walking our county roadways and also living on people’s properties and stuff, and their all kinds of health problems our residents are experiencing , and we want to make sure our drivers that are driving our county roads are safe.”

DiVincenzo says animal rights groups have been vocal in their opposition of the program and says though he understands their position; he has to put the safety of residents first.


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