Endorsement In Senate Race Might Not Sway Voters

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Trenton. July 23, 2013

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The widow of U.S. Senator Frank Lautenberg has endorsed New Jersey Congressman Frank Pallone in the race for the Senate seat.  Political analysts don¹t expect her blessing will have much of an impact.

Rutgers political science professor Ross Baker doubts the endorsement will sway many voters.

“Not a whole lot. I always question the value of endorsements. I don¹t think they’re terribly valuable, but I think it¹s certainly a morale booster for the campaign.”

Montclair State political science professor Brigid Harrison also believes the endorsement will not do much to help Pallone beat Newark Mayor Cory Booker in next month’s primary.

“If this had been a situation in which there wasn’t a clear front runner, if Mayor Booker weren’t in the race, that endorsement may actually carry a bit more weight.”

Baker says most voters aren’t paying much attention to this unusual summer primary,

 “People are much more concerned about the weather, about sweating through the next few weeks, and I just don¹t think that primary is very high on people’s agenda.”

Harrison says while voters aren’t focused on it now, the election is important.

“It really is quite significant because the outcome of this primary is essentially going to determine who will be sitting in the U.S Senate from New Jersey for perhaps decades to come. There’s very little turnover in these seats.”

Analysts expect voter turnout for the unusual August election could be below ten percent.


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