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Egea To Testify Before Bridge Investigation Committee

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Trenton. July 16, 2014

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Assemblyman John Wisniewski
Assemblyman John Wisniewski (photo by Phil Gregory)

The aide to Governor Christie who oversees the New York/New Jersey Port Authority has been subpoenaed to testify tomorrow) before the New Jersey legislative committee investigating the George Washington Bridge scandal.

Committee members want to know what Regina Egea knew about last September’s lane closures on the bridge and whether she participated in a cover up.

The legislative panel’s co-chair, Assemblyman John Wisniewski, says Egea will be the committee’s last witness for a while.

“There are a number of other people that the committee would like to hear from. However, we¹re also being very careful not to impede on any territory that might be currently undertaken by the U.S. Attorney.”

Wisniewski is not ruling out subpoenaing additional witnesses in the future and won’t say how long it might take for the committee to conclude its investigation.

“I think there’s more territory behind us than is in front of us. So I think that we’re closer to the end than we were at the beginning. I also can’t predict what other facts will come in front of us, what other issues will be raised.”

Wisniewski says what lawmakers have learned during the hearings will help them develop legislation to reform the Port Authority.

“I also think that what we’ve learned is that there is a need for reforms within the office of the governor. Don’t forget that the abuse of power that we’re investigating started in the office of the governor directed at what was supposed to be or in theory is an independent agency.”


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