Devils Sold To Owners of Sixers

By Doug Doyle, WBGO News
Newark, NJ. August 15, 2013

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photo of Josh Harris and Gary Bettman
New owner Josh Harris with NHL commish Gary Bettman looking on

Sixers' owners Joshua Harris and David Blitzer made two things very clear...they are keeping their NBA team in Philly and keeping the Devils here in Newark.  Harris wouldn't go into the specifics of the financial deal but says he doesn't see a problem with owning two bordering city rival franchises.  Harris says "my mom grew up in Philly, my grandparents are from Philly, I went to Penn.  My dad went to Penn.  Philly has a really special place in my heart. My dad grew up in New Jersey, my grandparents are from Jersey.  I love hockey in New Jersey and basketball in Philadelphia.  I don't see a conflict."  

Harris and Blitzer completed the purchase of the Devils from the ownership group controlled by Jeff Vanderbeek and Blitzer says that means turning around the fiscal situation.  "There's no secret that the team has had too much debt on its book and fans read that, Blitzer said.  The transaction includes the team's long-term operating interest in the Prudential Center.  Lou Lamoriello stays on as President and GM of the Devils.


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