Congress Passes Bill To Help Offset FAA Furloughs

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
April 26, 2013

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U.S. Senator Bob Menedez

Air travelers worried about flight delays can breathe a sigh of relief…Congress has passed a bill to reduce the delays and help get travelers to their destinations on time.

The Reducing Flight Delays act of 2013 will shift $253 million from airport improvement funds to help offset the FAA furloughs. The region’s airports have been clogged with travelers since the furloughs went into effect as a result of sequestration. Senator Bob Menendez says he is thrilled that the bill was passed but warns that problems will continue to arise until congress addresses sequestration as a whole.

“This time it was about our air traffic system but it’s also about children and education and those who won’t be getting into head start as a result of across the board cuts it’ll be about some of our health initiatives in which citizens won’t have access to, it’ll be about immunizations, it’ll be about a whole host of things that we care about.”

Menedez says there will not always be a pot of money available to address each issue that pops up as a result of the across the board cuts.


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