City Of Newark Remembers The Holocaust

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
May 2, 2013

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Holocaust Survivor Edward Mosberg Addresses the Crowd At The 26th Annual Holocaust Remembrance

Newark students, members of the Jewish community, and holocaust survivors gathered today for the city’s 26th annual holocaust remembrance day.

15 year old Brittany Moore is studying the holocaust at St. Vincent’s Academy in Newark.

“I already knew that the holocaust was like really cruel but the details he gave today of his experience was really shocking.”

Moore was just one of nearly two hundred students from schools across Newark that were on hand to learn about the historic tragedy from the firsthand accounts of holocaust survivors. Miles Berger, Chairman of the Berger Organization, is one of the event’s organizers.

“It’s very important to learn from what’s happened historically so that these students and these youth  can, as they grow older and  become the leaders future leaders will know and remember what they heard here today to make sure that nothing like this happens to no other people in any other generations.”

Now in its third decade Newark’s holocaust remembrance is the largest and oldest observance of its kind in the state.


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