Christie Wants Bail Reform Amendent

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Trenton. February 27, 2013

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Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver (photo by Phil Gregory)

Governor Christie wants New Jersey lawmakers to put a bail reform measure on the November ballot, but it’s not clear whether they’ll go along with his request.

In his budget speech to the legislature, Christie said it’s inexcusable that lawmakers haven’t acted on the amendment he proposed last year. It would deny bail to violent criminals awaiting trial.

The governor says allowing those offenders to remain on the streets makes citizens less safe and puts witnesses at risk.

“If there is room on the ballot for other issues, there is certainly room for a bail reform amendment which will give prosecutors and judges the tools to keep violent sociopaths behind bars.”

Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver isn’t indicating whether she’ll post the measure for a  vote.

 “We have not heard from the governor on his bail issue for close to a year so I suspect that he is raising that up because it will deter discussion away from the gun and violence agenda that the legislature has.”

Senate Law and Public Safety Committee chairman Donald Norcross says the bail reform amendment is a common sense measure that he wants lawmakers to approve.


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