Christie Urges Businesses To Accept Sandy Help

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Sea Bright. August 28, 2013

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Christie in Sea Bright
In Sea Bright, Governor Christie urges businesses to accept state help (photo by Phil Gregory)

Governor Christie is urging New Jersey businesses damaged by Sandy to take advantage of the grants and loans the state is offering.

$260 million of federal Sandy aid New Jersey received is being used to provide grants up to 50 thousand dollars for small businesses. The governor says only about one percent of that money has been awarded.

“Only 50 businesses have so far gotten the money. Nobody is using this program.  Now listen guys. I fought like crazy to get this money here. I yelled at the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and now you guys aren’t using the money.”

$100 million is allocated for a program that provides loans of up to $5 million for businesses to make repairs. Christie says only 200 businesses have applied even though no repayment is required for two years and the interest rate is low after that.

 “I know that folks feel like we’re tough, and we’re going to make this through ourselves. It’s not what we fought to do. Yeah we’d love you to keep working hard yourself, and I know you will, but you need to take help from us too.”

Christie says the state will send people to the businesses to help them fill out the forms required to get the money.


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