Christie Says Rebuilding From Sandy His Main Mission

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Belmar. January 9, 2013

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Governor Christie at news conference at site of boardwalk rebuilding in Belmar (photo by Phil Gregory)

Governor Christie took part in ceremonies on the beach in Belmar to mark the start of construction of the town’s boardwalk that was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy.

Christie again emphasized that rebuilding from the storm is his top priority.

He says the rebuilding effort will be his main mission for the next year and he’ll focus on it every day.

 “The things that are most important right now to the people of this state is that we rebuild and recover from this storm and that their neighbors and their friends get restored to their home and their businesses, and that we get this state back to normal as close to normal as we can for the summer.”

The governor’s decision is getting an enthusiastic response from people who live in Jersey shore towns.

Belmar resident Tim Peel says it’s the right thing to do.

 “Absolutely. If you know the people in town what they’re going through, the kids in hotels. It’s a terrible situation. People don’t realize how bad it is until they actually come down here and see it.”

Spring Lake Heights resident Rosanne Hughes also praises Christie for focusing on rebuilding from the store.

 “I admire him for standing up to what’s going on and stepping up to plate and saying where is everybody to help. You know the whole coastline there’s people who don’t even have a home.”


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