Christie Renews Call For Tax Cut

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Belmar. May 22, 2013

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At news conference on Belmar boardwalk Gov. Christie urges lawmakers to approve tax cut (photo by Tim Larsen/Governor's Office)

Even though New Jersey faces a revenue shortfall, Governor Christie is renewing his call for a tax cut.

Christie says he’ll find a way to cut spending to pay for it if the Legislature agrees to the plan to provide income tax credit for property tax relief.

 “They have no excuse not to do this, and I’m making the commitment to the people of New Jersey that I care more about tax relief than I care about government spending.  So let’s get the tax relief in place. Let’s give people some help especially in times like this.”


Christie says he’s figured out how to close plenty of deficits in the past four years and will come up with a way to make up for lower revenue that would result from a tax cut.

“The fact is that the Legislature has in front of them the option to do what they should do which is to pass a tax cut, leave it to the governor to figure out how to pay for it, and if they have any problems with revenues going forward, they have the absolute unilateral ability to stop the tax cut.”

Senate President Steve Sweeney has repeatedly indicated that Democrats who control the Legislature are open to the idea of cutting taxes but only if revenues improve.


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