Christie Gets Endorsement From A Democratic Stronghold

By Katie Colaneri, WBGO News
East Newark. January 31, 2013

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Harrison Mayor Ray McDonough edorses Governor Christie for re-election. Photo by Reena Rose Sibayan, The Jersey Journal

The endorsements are rolling in on both sides of the race for New Jersey governor, and they’re mostly falling along party lines. Today, Governor Christie got a little validation from one of the state’s democratic strongholds.

Diners aren’t an unusual setting for Hudson County politics. That’s where Harrison Mayor Ray McDonough gathered his city council members to endorse Governor Christie. McDonough says he’s attended 20 of the Republican’s Town Hall meetings and he likes what he’s heard.

“He speaks the truth, he’s saying exactly what the people what to hear. Bi-partisan politicians."

So, the democratic mayor who endorsed Christie’s opponent Governor Jon Corzine four years ago is throwing his support behind the guy he’s come to trust. In fact, McDonough says he doesn’t know anything about Senator Barbara Buono – the only Democrat in the race so far. McDonough says he hasn't made an effort to get to know her.

"I decided a long time ago I was going to do this.”

McDonough expects he won’t be the only Democrat to break the party line before Election Day.


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