Christie, Booker Working On Newark Budget Deal

By Katie Colaneri, WBGO News
October 2, 2012

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During a tour of a Hunterdon County cancer center, Gov. Christie said he isn't happy with how Newark is handling its budget.

With three months to go until 2013, Newark still hasn’t passed the current year’s budget.  Meanwhile, Governor Christie and Mayor Cory Booker are telling different stories about why it’s not done.

The city is asking for $24 million in state aid. Governor Christie says they won’t be getting that much, but he is willing to give Newark a hand if the city is willing to make some sacrifices.

“If Mayor Booker needs my help to balance his budget, then I’m going to be there for the people of the city of Newark.”

The governor says he’s met with the Booker Administration and is confident they’ll strike a deal this week. But Christie made it clear he’s not happy with how the mayor and the City Council have handled their spending plan.

Booker says they’re working carefully to close a deficit.  

“Really not reliant that much on state aid at all. I’m pretty proud of the progress that we’re making.”

Regardless of what the Christie and Booker Administrations work out, the fate of the budget is ultimately in the hands of the Newark City Council.


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