Campus PD Issues Warning With Fake Summonses

By Katie Colaneri, WBGO News
June 25, 2013

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Campus patrol officers at Rutgers-Newark have been periodically issuing these fake summonses as warnings about break-ins.

That GPS in your car window? You could be getting a summons for that the next time you’re in the area of Rutgers-Newark. You won’t have to pay a fine, but it could be an eye-opener.

For two years, the Rutgers-Newark Police Department has been fighting a slew of vehicle break-ins by pointing out the stuff drivers have left in plain sight – electronics, jewelry, bags, papers. 

Campus Police Chief Michael Lattimore says the fake summonses they’ve been leaving on cars are simply meant to warn the public, not to frighten them.

“But it does sometimes make them a little angry and they ask [us] not to put the ticket on their car again… I guess because they are alarmed at first and then they feel that it could attract a would-be thief to their car.”

Lattimore says that’s never happened. The summonses are targeted at new students, visitors and absent-minded professors who may not be thinking like a thief.


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