Buono Unveils Her Economic Plan

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
July 15, 2013

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The Democratic candidate for Governor of New Jersey has unveiled her economic plan.

Senator Barbara Buono wants to direct state tax credits away from large corporations and toward small businesses.

 “95 percent of our businesses in New Jersey are comprised of businesses of under 50 employees. Small businesses are the heart and soul of our economy and that’s where we get most of our jobs from, and that’s going to really drive our economy.”

Buono also proposes creating a state infrastructure bank to attract private capital for needed projects.

“Our infrastructure needs have gone unmet for more than ten years. What this would do at a time of increasing fiscal constraints, it reduces the amount of public financing necessary to finance these important transportation projects.”

Buono also wants to recruit more science and math teachers and make tuition at public colleges more affordable for students.

 “They may do really well in college, but they graduate with three D’s: a degree, debt, and disappointment.  Disappointment because the jobs just aren’t there to pay off the debt when they graduate.”

Buono’s plan would restore the earned income tax credit and expand tax breaks for child care expenses.

A spokesman for Governor Chris Christie’s re-election campaign claims Buono’s proposals would result in higher taxes and stifle economic growth.


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