Booker Unveils Plan To Fight Child Poverty

By Katie Colaneri, WBGO News
Edgewater. July 8, 2013

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In the race for US Senate in New Jersey, Cory Booker is putting childhood poverty and economic development at the top of his list of legislative priorities.

Booker’s plan calls for raising the federal minimum wage, expanding affordable housing options and giving kids nationwide access to preschool.

He argues the federal government has been throwing good money after bad on the effects of childhood poverty.

“That’s billions of dollars of wasted money on the cost of higher crime, billions on unnecessarily high healthcare costs that lead to worse health outcomes.”

Instead, Booker’s pushing for increases in funds for social programs that lift families out of poverty. He says that’s an investment with a pretty sizeable return.

“But what’s even more important to understand is that when you empower those children, it not only reduces government costs, but it makes them greater producers.”


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