Bill Would Set Standards For Home Elevation Contractors

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Trenton. September 11, 2013

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After two homes being elevated after Hurricane Sandy collapsed, a New Jersey lawmaker is proposing legislation to set standards to ensure the work is done safely.

A bill introduced by Assemblyman John Amodeo would require home elevation contractors to have experience doing that kind of work and the equipment to do it properly.

 “As we come into this era over the next five to ten years where we’re going to see a lot of house lifting in the state of New Jersey, we need to have a least a sense of confidence in the people that are doing the job. We don’t want to see any more incidents where there’s a collapse during the period of elevation or as it sits up on its cribbing. Especially during this time of year when we’re in hurricane season, there should be some kind of form of a tie down system to hold down the house once it’s off its foundation.”

Home elevation contractors would also have to carry sufficient liability insurance in case something goes wrong.

“They would need to prove that they have liability insurance, a million dollars per occurrence, and carry an additional $500,000 in insurance to cover the contents of the premises for any potential damage not covered by a homeowner’s insurance policy.”

It would be up to local code enforcement officers to make sure contractors know about the regulations and comply with them.


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