Bill Would Set NJ Drone Guidelines

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Trenton. June 17, 2013

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A state Senate committee has advanced legislation that would set standards for using drones in New Jersey.

Senator Nick Sacco says guidelines are needed so the use of the unmanned aerial vehicles is not a technology that’s abused.

 “A drone can be a very valuable tool in law enforcement, but it has to have a valid reason to be used. It can’t be used for incidental reasons. Let’s say a drone picks up information of something else, it can’t be allowed.”

A bill Sacco is sponsoring would require any agency using drones to show there are reasonable grounds for doing so.

He says the drones in New Jersey cannot be armed.

“That’s probably the last thing we need is drones flying around that have weapons on them. It becomes a very dangerous thing. Even though it may have great technology, what type of error could place if they’re using weapons on it?”

Records documenting how often and why the drones are used would have to be submitted every year to the state Attorney General.


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