Bill Would Require Gas Station Database

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Trenton. March 8, 2013

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Assembly Majority Leader Lou Greenwald (photo by Phil Gregory)

Many New Jersey residents had a tough time finding a place to gas up their cars after Superstorm Sandy.

State lawmakers are working to try to make it easier for the next big storm.

Legislation sponsored by Assembly Majority Leader Lou Greenwald would create a database with the names and locations of every gas station in New Jersey.

Greenwald says those stations would be required to provide monthly updates on the types of fuel they sell and whether they have a back-up generator.

“This is really a common sense solution in the aftermath of the storm trying to work with people on the ground like our business owners who own the fuel stations as well as emergency personnel to try to figure out a way to address some of the crisis that we were hearing at the time.”

Greenwald says the data could be updated more frequently during declared emergencies so drivers know where gas is available.

“In an attempt to help the community in times of risk they’ll be able to feed that information. It would help state agencies. It would help law enforcement. It would help emergency personnel. It would help the citizens.”

Greenwald says the state Division of Consumer Affairs would create and maintain the database that could be made available on several websites.

There will be a number of sites to go to and we’re open I think to having a conversation as to where those sites should be located and what’s the best way to access them.”


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