Bill Would Increase 'Wet' Drug Penalties

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Trenton. October 11, 2012

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Senator Donald Norcross (photo by Phil Gregory)

A New Jersey Senate committee has voted unanimously to advance a measure that would increase penalties for dealers of one dangerous drug combination.

Senator Donald Norcross says the Drug Dealer Accountability Act was prompted by the beheading of a two year old boy and the fatal slashing of a six year old.

He says those crimes were linked to use of the drug ‘wet’ that’s created by dipping marijuana in PCP.

 “It is a horrific drug that causes paranoia, delusional behavior, a disconnect from the body, and they tend to have superhuman strength. It’s literally a time bomb walking in our neighborhoods, and we have to stop it.”

Norcross says a provision of the bill should act as a strong deterrent.

 “For the first time it ties the dealers to the crimes committed by the users. So in this case if somebody goes out and murders someone, we’re going to go back not only to the perpetrator of the murder but who gave them the drugs.” 

The measure would allow prosecutors to charge dealers with a crime one degree lower than the most serious offense committed by users.


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