Bill Would Ban Smoking Products At Colleges

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
June 13, 2013

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Assembly Education Committee chair Celeste Riley is one of the sponsors of the bill (photo by Phil Gregory)

All tobacco products would be banned everywhere on college campuses in New Jersey if a bill being considered by state lawmakers becomes law.

Assembly Higher Education Committee chairwoman Celeste Riley is one of the sponsors of the legislation.

 “We want to set the message that it is not acceptable. It’s bad for your health. Other state properties are that way so we want our colleges and universities to go that route.”

Ethan Hasbrouck with the American Cancer Society says the ban would help prevent health problems.

 “Besides reducing exposure to second hand smoke, smoke and tobacco free campus policies reduce the initiation of tobacco use among young people and assist youth and adults who are trying to quit tobacco use.”

Assemblywoman Connie Wagner says the ban would include chewing tobacco.

 “I’ve been on college campuses and if they’re chewing tobacco and they spit it out and it goes on the roadways and the walkways, it’s disgusting looking. To tell you the truth this is also matter of keeping the college campus clean.”

A spokesman for Rutgers, James Boyd, says the ban would be difficult to enforce.

 “We have the football games and tailgating and stuff and to enforce on those grounds to walk through and try to get people to stop smoking cigars or whatever during a tailgate.”


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