Bill To Prevent Contractor Overcharges

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Trenton. August 22, 2013

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A New Jersey lawmaker has introduced legislation to prevent Sandy victims from being ripped off by unscrupulous contractors.

New Jersey law requires home improvement contractors to provide a written contract for work that costs more than $500 and a clear indication of just what will be done.

Republican Senator Jen Beck says the removal of water-damaged materials and mold remediation is not covered under that law, and she wants to close that loophole.

She says some out-of-state companies have been overcharging by as much as 500 percent for that work.

“In some of these cases consumers were verbally given a scope of work and verbally given a price and never got anything in writing. Then the contractor turned around and said oh I told you 12 thousand, it’s actually going to be 50.”

Beck hopes the legislature will approve her legislation to prevent more homeowners  from being victimized.

“There are thousands of people that are just getting their flood insurance money. There are many who didn’t have flood insurance who are waiting on the grants coming out of the state Department of Community Affairs so this is definitely not too late.”

Beck says the state Attorney General’s Office is to trying to get compensation from contractors for the homeowners who were overcharged


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