Belmar Mayor Optimistic About Shore Tourism Season

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Belmar. April 9, 2013

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Progress is being made on Belmar boardwalk to replace one destroyed by Sandy (photo by Phil Gregory)

After all the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy there were concerns about the summer tourism season at the Jersey Shore.

The mayor of one town says it could end up being a banner year.

The Belmar boardwalk was destroyed by Sandy.

All the pilings and much of the decking on a replacement boardwalk are in place, and Mayor Matt Doherty expects the finishing touches will be completed by Memorial Day.

 “Our summer rentals are all booked. I know a lot of the B&Bs, the bed and breakfasts, are doing well. So we anticipate a very busy summer season. One way we can actually quantify that is our beach badge sales for this coming season are up 40 percent year to date over 2012.”

Doherty says many people in the region have an emotional attachment to the Jersey Shore and plan to show up there this summer.

“You can see incredible generosity and excitement in middle class families in New Jersey for what towns went though during Sandy. They want to be part of the story of this recovery and rebuilt, and I think they’re looking forward to what could be one of the best summers here at the Jersey Shore.”

If the weather cooperates, Doherty says this could be one of the best summer seasons.


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