Beach Haven School Reopens

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Beach Haven. September 4, 2013

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officials celebrate school reopening
Superintendent Eva Marie Raleigh, Governor Christie, and Education Commissioner Chris Cerf celebrate reopenng of Beach Haven Sch

Repair work throughout the summer has allowed just about all of the public schools in New Jersey that were damaged by Sandy to reopen for the start of the new school year.

Governor Christie and Education Commissioner Chris Cerf traveled to Long Beach Island to welcome students for the first day of classes at the Beach Haven School.

Christie says repairs throughout the summer allowed the school to be reopen.

 “Getting students back in the school in a place that they’re familiar with, a place they’re comfortable in a place that they know, gives them the best opportunity to learn in that kind of setting.”

The 101-year-old elementary school just a block from the ocean suffered about $2 million damage from flooding caused by Sandy.

Superintendent Eva Marie Raleigh says the students are glad to be back in their own building after finishing the last school year at an elementary school a half hour away.

 “This is a small school. There are maybe eight to twelve kids in a class. So it’s very personal. It’s like being home. Now it’s just new and improved. Their test scores have always been high, but there’s no ceiling we’re going to go higher.”

Only one school damaged by Sandy has not reopened.

Repairs are still underway at the Long Beach Island elementary school, and students are not expected to return to that building until March.


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