Barbara Buono Entering Race For Governor

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Trenton. December 11, 2012

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Senator Barbara Buono (photo by Phil Gregory)

New Jersey state senator Barbara Buono is the first Democrat to enter next year’s race for governor.

In a recorded announcement of her candidacy, Buono accuses Governor Christie of trickle down economics that has left the Garden State with its highest unemployment rate in three decades.

 “I’ll champion innovative job creation, smart budgets, and fair taxes.”

Fairleigh Dickinson political science professor Peter Woolley says Buono presents the best contrast to the governor of any of the potential Democratic candidates.

 “She has a different manner. She’s certainly not going to come across as a bully. She’s got a lot of budget experience in the legislature to draw on to criticize the governor.”

Monmouth University political analyst Patrick Murray says Buono will get support from a left-of-center base, but her chances of getting the Democratic nomination depend on whether Newark Mayor Cory Booker enters the race.

 “He has such high name recognition and will have support from a lot of major benefactors. He’ll have support of the party organization. Those things are just impossible to overcome for almost any challenger.”

Analysts say Buono is smart to get in the race now because it gives her a jump on raising money for the campaign.


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