Assembly Passes Mold Standards Bill

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Trenton. March 22, 2013

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Assemblyman Dan Benson (photo by Phil Gregory)

Getting rid of mold in flood-damaged homes is a big concern following Superstorm Sandy.

The New Jersey Assembly has passed a measure to help ensure that the work is done properly.

The legislation would set standards for exposure to mold in residential buildings.

Assemblyman Dan Benson says it would also require mold remediation contractors to have training and register with the state.

“Currently a person showing up to the door can say I’m here to remediate mold, and there’s really no standards to follow. This will make sure that those that are hiring will have peace of mind knowing that they will be protected, not only their health but their wallet.”

Benson says exposure to mold can trigger respiratory problems.

“It can cause asthma. It can cause increased risk for asthma attacks, which then has a strain on the heart and other areas. So this can be pretty serious for people.”

Benson was working on the bill long before Sandy, but hopes the storm's aftermath might encourage the Senate and Governor Christie to jump on board.


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