Assembly Panel Hears Testimony On Flu Impact

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Trenton. January 14, 2013

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Dr. Rick Hong, Dr. Shellley Greenman and Diane Aderson of NJ Hospital Association testify at Assembly hearing

A New Jersey Assembly committee heard testimony today about the impact of the flu outbreak.

Assembly Health Committee chairman Herb Conaway is also a doctor at St. Francis Medical Center in Trenton.  He says the spike in flu cases is putting a strain on hospitals.

 “Just in my own hospital talking to the emergency room they have seen a lot of pressure. They have been using additional rooms in the hospital because of so many people coming through the emergency room related to flu and that’s put pressure on other operations.”

Dr. Rick Hong is head of the emergency medical services division at Cooper University Hospital in Camden. He urges people get a flu shot.

 “If the public does get the vaccinations as recommended we can probably contain it as we’ve done in previous years.”

Diane Anderson is director of emergency preparedness for the New Jersey Hospital Association. She says the hospital system in the state is able to cope with the flu outbreak.

 “They’re seeing significant numbers of patients, but the system is handling it. They have surge areas. They have extended treatment areas. They’ve brought in additional staff. We’re doing well.”

If you do get the flu Cooper University Hospital emergency room doctor Shelley Greenman says you should stay home.

“Don’t expose other people. Bed rest is the best treatment. Drink lots of fluids, and just stay in bed with a couple of good movies on the TV.”


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