Are Federal Dollars Contributing To Obesity Epedemic?

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
July 16, 2013

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A new report released today suggests federal tax dollars are contributing to the nationwide obesity epidemic.

The Apples 2 Twinkies report, released by New Jersey Public Interest Research Group, finds that federal subsidies provide billions of dollars for crops like corn and soy, key ingredients often found in junk foods like potato chips and candy.  According to the report New Jersey taxpayers shell out  more than $30 million a year for corn and soy compared to just over one million dollars for apples, enough to buy 9 Twinkies for every resident. Jen Coleman is spokesperson for the group.

“ What ordinary citizens should do is to let their legislators know that they care about the issue and that they think its wasteful to be supporting an already profitable industry, and it’s not just costing us money on the front end its costing us money on the back end because we end up with obesity and obesity related illnesses.”

Coleman says the report is especially significant since the recent decision by the American Medical Association to officially classify obesity as a disease.


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