All Four Democratic Candidates For Senante Come Together To Bring Attention To Foreclosure Crisis

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
July 9, 2013

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All four democratic candidates for U.S. Senate, gubernatorial candidate Barbara Buono, and several Newark city council members came together today to rally for a solution to the state’s foreclosure crisis.

The meeting took place at the home of Newark resident Grace Alexander, who has been fighting to keep her home out of foreclosure for the last four years. The democrats called out Governor Christie for sitting on over $300 million dollars in federal housing assistance and banks who have taken advantage of mortgage holders. Councilman Ron Rice Jr. says if they don’t get the help that they need the city will take things into its own hands.

 “We do want the support of folks running for the senate to get behind what we do locally here if we decided to use eminent domain to grab some of these homes form these banks, we want stronger regulations on these banks.”

Rice says he and other city council members would support the city’s ability to purchase mortgages from banks and negotiate directly with home owners so more residents can hold on to their homes.


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