2014 NJ Super Bowl May Help State's Image

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Trenton. January 25, 2013

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Most of the talk about the Super Bowl is centered on next week’s game in New Orleans.

A year from now the spotlight will be on New Jersey.

More than half of the members of the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce say the big game at the Meadowlands will enhance the state’s reputation as a place to do business.

Chamber President Tom Bracken is surprised that 40 percent of business executives surveyed believe it won’t make a difference.

 “Having the Super Bowl here and having the media and the huge extent of the media that will focus on New Jersey and I’m sure cast it in a positive light, I just don’t understand how that wouldn’t translate to improving our state’s reputation.”

Bracken says an improved perception of New Jersey could attract more people to the state.

He expects the big game at the Meadowlands will have widespread economic benefits for the region as fans book hotel rooms and sites for parties.

Governor Chris Christie says there will be a lot of activity in New Jersey over the course of Super Bowl week next year.

 “Both teams will be staying in New Jersey at New Jersey hotels. Media day will be at the Prudential Center in Newark. Obviously the game is here in New Jersey. The post game parties will be here in New Jersey. The good news is that New Jersey has done really well in terms of getting the same number and quality of events where the pregame tailgate parties for the NFL and the other major organizations will all be held in New Jersey. So we’re getting a good share of the economic activity that goes along with the Super Bowl, a fair share with New York.”


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