WBGO Gallery Exhibition

Anthony Gartmond's Pencil Imagery and paintings by Lyvan Munlyn

On display now through January 15, 2016
Gallery Reception Thursday, December 3, 6-8PM


Lyvan Alexander Munlyn has been a Scenic Charge for many popular movies like The Departed, Meet Joe Black, Spider-Man, The Stepford Wives, War of The Worlds and Shaft and a number of other major motion pictures. His most recent accomplishments is as the Head Scenic charge for digital shorts on the set of Saturday Night Live. Still, despite his reputable contributions to the film industry, Lyvan’s paintings, particularly on canvas and so much more, stand as the impetus of his creative talents. Lyvan’s work is distinguished by an acute sense of sensation and atmosphere, evoking the aura of an immediate time and place with diverse palettes and intentional brush strokes. His colorful and energetic pieces still the time and capsulize the essence of iconic moments—the sprawl of bustling inner cities and romantic settings, heightened in a vacuum of imagination. This ability to consolidate dynamic energy in a single frame is a skill Lyvan has forged since his youth.

canvas art

Born and raised in Washington, D.C., Lyvan formed an affinity for painting from very early in his childhood. As a young boy, Lyvan would study with Mrs. Bailer, his neighbor and only artist he had ever known, as she painted oil portraits on her nearby sun porch. By age 8, Lyvan’s parents took the initiative of enrolling him in art classes at the Corcoran Gallery of Arts. Lyvan’s formal art training began at the Duke Ellington High School for the performing Arts where he majored in Visual Arts, where his mentor was, Simmie Knox — the first African American artist to receive a presidential portrait commission—had great influence in his formulations in color theory. Lyvan thereafter went to the University of Maryland majoring in Medical Illustration for 2 years, and he furthered his education at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY where he majored in Film and Video. Today, Lyvan operates under his very own Munlyn Studios, sharing the captivating allure of the movie screen with industrial, television, Broadway, and film industries alike for the past 25 years. His work has been featured in festivals such as the Harlem Fine Arts in Martha’s Vineyard, Chicago, New York the International Arts Festival in Brooklyn, Takoma Arts Festival in Washington, D.C. Whether it is through his professional life or his artistic expression, Lyvan has mastered a signature craft with brilliant and illustrious form. In it, he grants his viewers mere glimpses at the spectrum of his imagination—an endless stream of images that can only be described as scenic.

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Born in Newark and raised in neighboring East Orange, Anthony Gartmond is a New Jersey-based artist and attorney who creates awe-inspiring, limited edition giclee (pronounced ZHee-KLAY) images based on his graphite pencil drawings. After taking to drawing stick figures as a toddler, and later gaining wide popularity among his schoolmates by drawing their portraits, Anthony's elder relatives eventually steered him away from art as a possible career choice in favor of any pursuit they deemed more stable and lucrative. Anthony chose law. Anthony studied political science at Rutgers University in Newark and graduated with a B.A. in 1980, followed by a Juris Doctor degree from Rutgers Law School, also in Newark, in 1983. He later held a number of important public and private sector positions in both New Jersey and New York before joining the Essex County Prosecutor's Office, retiring in 2013 following a lengthy career there as an assistant prosecutor. Never relinquishing his vision of returning to art, however, Anthony soon thereafter received formal training at the Arts Council of Princeton and resumed his creative pursuits in earnest. The result thus far has been many dozens of finished works and studies, with an eye toward many more projects in the future.

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Artist Statement: I have long explained to people that, though a lawyer, I have the spirit of an artist. My creative drive is intrinsic in nature, flowing from the deepest recesses of my soul. No endeavor gives me greater satisfaction than capturing an image. I have utmost confidence in my ability to capture any image, and I am not satisfied until my giclees have the same depth and richness of photographs and oil paintings. While I recognize the overwhelming significance of my academic and career achievements, it is also clear to me that I was born to create. It is never too taxing, and I always look forward to starting new projects and resuming ones already begun, as well as refining my skills and exploring new concepts that will lead me into new directions.

Description of Work: "A Foundational Perspective on Jazz" explores this music's most important phases of development by capturing the artists who led the way as groundbreakers qnd pioneers, and whose sweeping influences and innovative spirits have had a dramatic impact on the course and direction of modern music overall. I employ various lighting and coloring techniques to give each image its own unique flavor.

sepia brush painting

The WBGO Gallery is located in the heart of Downtown Newark in the headquarters of WBGO. Exhibits highlight local and national artists covering themes that often reference music or features work by visual artists who are also renowned musicians. Curator Dorthaan Kirk (Newark’s “First Lady of Jazz”) choses exhibits that cross cultural lines and honor Newark culture, and legacies including Hispanic heritage, Black history and women’s history.

54 Park Place, Newark, NJ 07102
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WBGO is a wheelchair accessible facility.

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