Studio Session: Microscopic Septet

December 7, 2010 by Joshua Jackson
Filed under Studio Sessions

The Microscopic Septet performs original music and arrangements from Friday the Thirteenth: The Micros Play Monk (Cuneiform) on The Checkout.  Recorded December 6, 2010 at WBGO.

Set list:
Pannonica (Monk, arr. Forrester)
Brilliant Corners (Monk, arr. Johnston)
Lobster in the Limelight (Forrester)

Joel Forrester - piano/co-leader
David Hofstra - bass
Richard Dworkin - drums
Philip Johnston - soprano sax/co-leader
Don Davis - alto sax
Michael Hashim - tenor sax
Dave Sewelson - baritone sax

Producer and Host: Josh Jackson
Recorded by David Tallacksen
Assisted by Michael Downes

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