Houstonians in NYC: Leron Thomas

February 15, 2011 by Joshua Jackson
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John Rogers courtesy Jason Moran

Leron Thomas performs at Jason Moran's 713->212: Houstonians in NYC. Recorded January 14, 2011 at 92YTribeca.

Leron Thomas - trumpet and vocals
Nicole Hurst - background vocals
Lisa Harris - background vocals
Jason Moran - Rhodes
Josh Mease - guitar
Mark Kelley - bass
Kendrick Scott - drums
Frank Lacy - trombone and vocals*
Brandon Lee - trumpet*

Set List:
Hey Man (Leron Thomas)
False Participation (Leron Thomas)
Mystery Religion (Leron Thomas)
Role Play (Leron Thomas)
Superman Lover* (Johnny Guitar Watson)

Producer: Josh Jackson
Mix: David Tallacksen
Assisted by Michael Downes and Michael McGoff

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