Joshua Moshier

JazzSet for the Studs Terkel Centenary

terkelNPRLouis Terkel was born in New York on May 16, 1912, but it's in Chicago that he made his career as a radio host and author. His first book, way back in 1956, was  Giants of Jazz. In the 1970s he had a great success with Working, Hard Times and The Good War.

Now composer Joshua Moshier  celebrates Terkel with new music that takes the title of Studs's memoir, Touch and Go, as  a musical motif, a jumping off point for a successful suite. The Moshier Lebrun Collective performs, and the composer tells us more of the story on JazzSet.

Listen Sunday, May 6, at 6pm .. Wednesday, May 9, at 6:30pm .. and don' t forget to pledge! Thank you.

StudsForBlogTouch and Go: The Studs Terkel Project has been made possible with support from Chamber Music America’s New Jazz Works: Commissioning and Ensemble Development program, funded through the generosity of the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation.