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Triveni from the Newport Jazz Festival on JazzSet

We open with Anat Cohen's Anzic Orchestra, Avishai Cohen in the trumpet section, at the Mary Lou Williams Festival at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. Then Avishai's three-man group steps up at the 2011  Newport Jazz Festival and -- even though it's more spare -- the music just keeps coming. Avishai meets the challenge of a trumpet trio with no piano, guitar or vibes to fill the space. Besides his own Ornette-y pieces, they play Don Cherry's "Art Deco" and "Portrait" by Charles Mingus.

Listen Wednesday, March 14, at 6:30pm .. or online at your convenience, here.

Erik Jacobs for NPR Music
Triveni is Avishai Cohen on trumpet, Drew Gress on bass, Eric Harland on the drums.

Photo by Boston Photographer Erik Jacobs for NPR.

Later in the hour, Anat joins Triveni as a special guest.

[caption id="attachment_9118" align="aligncenter" width="488" caption="Guest Anat and Avishai Cohen .. Triveni .. 2011 Newport Jazz Festival (c) Ayano Hisa"]Anat and Avishai Cohen, Drew Gress .. 2011 Newport Jazz Festival (c) Ayano Hisa[/caption]