• When MB Met Fred

    November 9, 2010. Posted by Andrew Meyer.

    The Brooklyn Museum is showing a retrospective of artist Fred Tomaselli now through January 2nd. Tomaselli’s work involves a collage of mixed media: painting, photographs, and a variety of images that have become Tomaselli signatures. Birds. Bugs. Leaves. Beads. Even actual pills that he sticks onto the pieces. One of his most amusing works shows a colossal baby trampling a cityscape like Godzilla. It’s Tomaselli’s son, and as you look closer you see that the cityscape is actually a jumble of toys. One of his most spectacular pieces shows Adam and Eve driven out from a burst of eyes and teeth and creatures, a Big Bang of life’s miscellany. He’s also done works that look like intimate close-ups of chemical elements or human cells. Microcosms. Macrocosms. And sometimes both all at once. I talked with Fred Tomaselli at his Brooklyn studio for the 11/12/10 WBGO Journal. You can hear the entire interview as a web extra, and you can see here a slideshow of Tomaselli’s works in the show at the Brooklyn Museum.

    -Michael Bourne

  • Singers Unlimited: 25 Years

    November 5, 2010. Posted by Kien Lac.

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    Listen to a hand-picked selection of Singers Unlimited shows over the past 25 years:

    Loss, Love, Life: Ironically, our finest hour on WBGO was after 9/11. So many radio and TV stations were knocked off the air, and for a week we became a mostly news station. We played no music during the day. I'd read a weather break or tell where to give blood. I heard from countless listeners that just hearing us on the air, even when not playing music, meant something that mattered to listeners, something like continuity, or hope. I'd been on the radio almost 30 years by then, and I'd never before realized how intimate is the relationship we have with our listeners. When Sunday came, I programmed a "Singers Unlimited" with songs about love and loss and life going on. NPR asked me to encapsulate the show into an hour for the network website, and here's that show.

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  • Manhattan School of Music Quintet

    November 4, 2010. Posted by Simon Rentner.

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    MSM Photo

    The Manhattan School of Music Jazz Quintet visited WBGO's studios last week.  If you missed the performance, click below!

    Band members:
    Justin DiCioccio, Assistant Dean/ Chair, Jazz Arts Program
    Ben Benack, trumpet
    Mike Ruby, tenor saxophone
    Christian Sands, piano
    Kate Davis, double bass/vocals
    Jake Goldbas, drums

    Set list:
    1. Prince Bulo
    2. Blood, Sweat, and Plantains
    3. Close Your Eyes
    4. Never Will I Marry
    5. Searching East
    6. Nearness of You
    7. Body and Soul
    8. Nichols 2 Dimes