• Who's playing this Auld Lang Syne?

    December 13, 2011. Posted by Becca Pulliam.

    As heard on a recenttoast_of_the_nation_logoand (hint) at 6:30 tonight on JazzSet

    Ever since approximately 1980, WBGO and NPR Music have been presenting live jazz from coast to coast on New Year's Eve. That's a lot of midnights and impromptu versions of Auld Lang Syne, one of the least jazzy of all melodies!

    From now until New Year's Eve, our goal is to post one Auld Lang Syne a day, and ask you who's playing? Can you recognize the musicians, or do you remember the setting? The year? Was it the beginning of a great new year, or the ending of a better one?

    For the 2011 New Year's Eve line-up, visit wbgo.org/toast

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