• What Is Your Star Wars Identity?

    July 20, 2012. Posted by Simon Rentner.

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    I visited the Star Wars Identities exhibition at Montreal's Science Center with two brilliant and witty musicians from the modern gospel band Irreverend James: Pianist Hereticus Monk and John the Bassist.  In the radio feature that aired on July 20, 2012  on The WBGO Journal,  we cast ourselves into George Lucas's creative universe.

    During our tour, we captured photos of our Star Wars character-building experience, thanks to Èrik Ayotte, who also so graciously set up the tour.

    Part of the museum experience includes having your Star Wars Profile saved for your friends and family to see.  You can see the details of all of our characters Benji the Bith (John the Bassist), Narnt the Blue Thing (Hereticus Monk), and Hairrok the Wookie (me) by clicking on the links.  Or, click on the images below, to see our full, riveting star wars profiles.

    WBGO's Simon Rentner/Hairrok the Wookie (click to see more)

    John the Bassist/Benji the Bith (click to see more)

    Hereticus Monk/Narnt the Blue Thing (click to see more)

    Note:  Narnt's skin color was originally blue and changed to yellow later in production.

    A quick note about the talent.  Irreverand James is a Montreal-based band that puts an irreverent twist on music from a black Mississipi-delta church.  Only, these musicians -- including Hereticus Monk and John the Bassist -- are secular, and preach about many social hot-button topics, such as their support for gay marriage.

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