• Cedar at Smoke .. Luciana at Kennedy Center

    May 2, 2008. Posted by Becca Pulliam.

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    The JazzSet team is in two cities tonight!

    I, Becca, enjoyed TWO Cedar Walton Trio sets at Smoke. Highlight of first: a Strayhorn medley -- Lush Life at a clip, Daydream with a Latin feel, Rain Check with drum breaks each of which got applause. Highlight of second: Ironclad, which Mr. Walton reminded me is on is live at Yoshi's album. He said "we could play that all night." It has a wonderful ending that they cycle over and over, and evokes Ahmad Jamal. I'm a long-time Cedar Walton fan, for his clarity, commitment, colorfulness, on top of it-ness, logic. David Williams on bass, Joe Farnsworth on drums, at Smoke through Saturday. The young guys to my left were from Japan, the young woman who sat on my right for the second set from Italy.

    Then in an email that I read when I got home, Duke Markos -- who's in Washington DC to record Luciana Souza for JazzSet -- wrote enthusiastically of her set, "Yes, real bossa nova. Using time and space (not quite as much time and space as Shirley Horn). No frenetic lines of notes. Thoughtful. Reflective. Spare in spots. You have to concentrate. The lyrics are central. She has a wonderful group. They step up when asked, nice interplay in the background. This is her last regular concert before she goes on her 1 year hiatus [to have] her baby."�

  • WBGO Widget

    May 1, 2008. Posted by Joshua Jackson.

    WBGO Widget Grab

    Attention Mac users. While I was trolling on the interwebs tonight, I saw something that took me by surprise.  Gary Von Schilling (someone I don't know, but he's clearly a fan of WBGO) created a widget that directs you to our web stream.
    Find it here.

  • Michael Bourne Interviews Frank Wess

    May 1, 2008. Posted by Joshua Jackson.

    Frank Wess Photo by Paul Slaughter

    When someone like Frank Wess comes to WBGO, you better be prepared to hear some amazing stories.  Michael Bourne interviewed Frank Wess, who is currently spending his evenings playing music at the Village Vanguard.  The 86-year old Wess will forever be a Basie man, and he told a great story about a Count Basie tour in Europe.  When the band arrived, there were no charts for the musicians to play.  This could be a bandleader's worst nightmare, taking a band overseas without music.  But Basie's response? "Well, you guys never look at them anyway, and I didn't want to pay for the extra freight."  Hear what else Frank Wess had to say.