• WBGO's Gary Walker Remembers Phoebe Jacobs

    April 9, 2012. Posted by Tim Wilkins.

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    In recent years someone gave Phoebe Jacobs one of those hi tech mini recording devices and said “Phoebe, just speak your stories. We’ll make the book”. She responded a short time later, “I can’t get this damn thing to work”.

    As a result, we’ll not read the book about a lady we lost this week at 93; a lady who hat checked as a young girl in her uncle’s jazz joint on 52nd Street while Billie Holiday sang or Artie Shaw played. She worked with Norman Granz, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. It was Phoebe who was instrumental in carrying on Armstrong’s legacy in her role as vice-president of The Louis Armstrong Educational foundation.

    Although there was no book, on occasion Phoebe Jacobs would sit still long enough to share some of her wonderful life. Below is a chat I had with Phoebe a few weeks before The 2007 JVC Festival would present a musical tribute “Phoebe Jacobs, A Life Well-Lived: A Work Still In Progress." -  Gary Walker


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