• Topsy Turvey: Bebop Redux a la Matt Wilson via Lost Jazz Shrines

    June 1, 2011. Posted by Becca Pulliam.

    Last Friday night, I attended and loved this concert at the Borough of Manhattan Community College! The music had roots, it left them behind, it was a generous night.

    Musical Director Matt Wilson calls the music "pre-bop," small group material from the 1940s by Neal Hefti, John Lewis, John Kirby, Tiny Grimes, Tiny Kahn, NEW arrangements for the occasion by Oded Lev-Ari. Matt assembled an improbable and wonderful band, below. Each player projected, each piece was a gem. Coming out of intermission, Matt gave us a "collision of songs," "a mashup," from an affecting trio arrangement of his "No Outerwear" (a/k/a "Out of Nowhere" and maybe "OON" is written on "Honeysuckle Rose?" .. help me here) to surprise walk on's by the rest of the group, vocalizing; things progressed unpredictably from there. If only I'd taken some legible notes. The smaller theater at BMCC worked beautifully for this; I saw Vijay's hands at work better than ever I've seen them before. Photos of 52nd Street a/k/a Swing Street were the backdrop.

    Lost Jazz Shrines is Willard Jenkins' continuing series, and this Spring is the first time Willard has brought in a Musical Director. On Friday, June 3, see conguero Candido -- born in Havana, came to NY in 1946 -- with Matt's quintet Arts & Crafts. I wish we were recording these great nights for JazzSet!

    L to R: Vijay Iyer, Curtis Fowlkes, Mary Halvorson, Kirk Knuffke, Chris Lightcap, Tia Fuller, Jeff Lederer, drummer Matt Wilson at the BMCC Tribeca PAC .. photo by Nathan Turner for the Litchfield Jazz Festival
    L to R: Vijay Iyer, Curtis Fowlkes, Mary Halvorson, Kirk Knuffke, Chris Lightcap, Tia Fuller, Jeff Lederer, drummer Matt Wilson at the BMCC Tribeca PAC .. photo by Nathan Turner for the Litchfield Jazz Festival

    Luckily I was sitting near a good photographer! BTW, Matt Wilson is also the Artist-in-Residence at this summer’s Litchfield Jazz Festival in Kent, CT.

  • 'Treme,' Ep. 16: A Village On An Island

    June 1, 2011. Posted by Joshua Jackson.

    Antoine Batiste (Wendell Pierce) leads the Soul Apostles in the latest episode of Treme. (Image Credit: Paul Schiraldi/HBO)

    I think I'm starting to figure this place out. It's a village — a village on an island. Everyone's connected. They may love each other, they may hate each other, but they're all related. ... It's all connected somehow. And I'm this close to seeing how it all hooks up.
    --Nelson Hidalgo

    The New Orleans of Treme has often felt like a small town, where many characters wear multiple hats, and six degrees of separation feel more like one or two. But this season, that quality has been heightened ever so slightly.

    Perhaps it was just the juxtaposition in this episode of Davis' raucous rehearsal and his irritated neighbors next door, but it feels like many different characters are intersecting now. It didn't take long for Nelson to make very important political contacts. Batiste is now teaching in the schools, and hiring all different types of musicians. Janette and Delmond are now friends. Toni Bernette and Lieutenant Colson are possibly becoming more than friends. And everybody who seems to care about the city sees music in clubs and dances in second lines.

    About that music: Here's our (belated, sorry) rundown of this week's performances, with Josh Jackson of WBGO. Our full archive, too.

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  • Morning Cup of Jazz 5/27/11

    May 27, 2011. Posted by Alex Rodriguez.

    Happy birthday to JazzSet host Dee Dee Bridgewater!
    Happy birthday to JazzSet host Dee Dee Bridgewater!

    Today at WBGO:

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    - Today at noon, Rhonda Hamilton interviews drummer Matt Wilson about his upcoming performances for the Lost Jazz Shrines series at Tribeca PAC.

    - At 2 p.m., we air the first installment of a week-long documentary, the Miles Davis Radio Project.

    - Tonight on the WBGO Journal at 7:30: strokes, the Newark Bears, a Broadway review and SporstJam highlights.

    Recent Jazzlinks:

    - Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke and Lenny White headline this week's edition of JazzSet

    - Wallace Roney pays tribute to his former mentor Miles Davis live in the WBGO studio

    - The Latin Jazz Corner features Mexican vocalist Magos Herrera

    - One saxophonist claims, "James Carter Ruined My Life"

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