• Monterey Quartet

    July 2, 2009. Posted by Joshua Jackson.

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    The Monterey Quartet is bassist Dave Holland, pianist Gonzalo Rubalcaba, drummer Eric Harland, and saxophonist Chris Potter.
    This band was created out of whole cloth for the 50th Anniversary of the Monterey Jazz Festival.  Last night, they played to a packed house at the Theatre Maisonneuve for the 30th Anniversary of Montreal Jazz Festival, and they blew the roof off the place (figuratively, of course).  Check out out the mono board feed of Eric Harland's "Treachery," the first song they played.

    That's one of many reasons why Eric Harland is quite possibly one of the most in-demand drummers today.
    If you need another, listen to a drum solo after the jump.
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  • Why "The Bad Plus"?

    July 1, 2009. Posted by David Tallacksen.

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    Why not? The Bad Plus - and vocalist Wendy Lewis - stopped by today to speak with Michael Bourne. Known for their irreverent songs titles, Michael asked the group about the origin of their name. Drummer Dave King says he chose 'The Bad Plus' because it was nothing more than memorable... as was their performance last night at l'Astral, the new performance space at the Maison du Jazz, new headquarters for the Festival. The group plays several more times before the Festival ends.  Check out our photos of the performance on out flickr page.

  • Oliver Jones, Montreal pianist, opens the new jazz club l'Astral

    July 1, 2009. Posted by Becca Pulliam.

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    A vital player on the Montreal scene for most of his nearly 75 years, Jones stands in the window of the new (under construction as we broadcast from it) Maison du Jazz, headquarters of the Festival. Behind him you see a hole in the ground where the long-lived, well-worn, and even much-missed, Spectrum club used to be. The lovely old stone building with the peaked roof encloses the Salle de Gesu, in which small group concerts take place every night at the FIJM.


    Jones knew the Montreal jazz scene before the Festival. Its city's greatest artist was one of his childhood neighbors. In fact, Oliver took piano lessons at Oscar Peterson's house from sister Daisy. Hear Oliver's memories of the Peterson family.

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