• WBGO JAM Live 2014: Rutgers University Jazz Ensemble I

    April 23, 2014. Posted by Tim Wilkins.

    The Rutgers University Jazz Ensemble I performs live at WBGO for Jazz Appreciation Month and are interviewed by Michael Bourne. Click to hear this concert, and check back to hear more groups featured in our student jazz marathon for International Jazz Day on April 30.

    The ensemble, directed by Conrad Herwig, is Oliver Santana Rivera, Mark Jackovic, Peter Baldassare, Isaac Dye, Abraham Burton, and Sam Tobias on saxophonies, Anthony Fazio, George Maher, Suzan Veneman, Devenenny Bennett and Joshua Orr on trumpets, Matt Echols, Andy Kleindienst, Ben Weisiger, and Eric Iannucci on trombones, Sam Johnson and John Morrison on guitar, Michael Bernabe on piano, Michael Noordzy and Ross Garlow on bass, and Michael Winnicki and Daniel Giannone on drums. A full set list is below.


    Rutgers Jazz Ensemble I, Conrad Herwig director

    Live at WBGO, 4/10/14

    Toy Tune - Wayne Shorter, Arr by Suzan Veneman, Trumpet (MM Jazz Studies, 2014)


    Issac Dye, Tenor Sax (MM Jazz Studies, 2014)

    Mike Bernabe, Piano (MM Jazz Studies, 2015)

    Cyclic Episode - Sam Rivers, Arr by Ross Garlow, Bass (MM Jazz Studies, 2015)


    Abraham Burton, Tenor Sax (MM Jazz Studies, 2015)

    Suzan Veneman, Trumpet (MM Jazz Studies, 2014)

    Paranoia - Eric Iannucci, Trombone (MM Jazz Studies, 2014)


    Oliver Santana Rivera, Alto Sax, (MM Jazz Studies, 2015)

    George Maher, Trumpet (BM Jazz Studies 2015)

    Sam Johnson, Guitar (BM Jazz Studies 2015)

    Andy Kleindienst, Trombone (MM Jazz Studies, 2014)

    Eleanor Rigby - Lennon/McCartney, Arr by Conrad Herwig


    Mark Jackovic, Alto Sax (MM Jazz Studies, 2014)

    Matt Echols, Trombone (BM Jazz Studies 2015)

    John Morrison, Guitar (MM Jazz Studies, 2015)

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