• Live Blog: Chris Potter Underground at Village Vanguard

    September 16, 2008. Posted by Joshua Jackson.

    Chris Potter Soundcheck Photo

    See some photos from our day at the Vanguard.

    The band returned from dinner.  Chris Potter is warming up the tenor.  Adam Rogers is drinking coffee.   We're live in fifteen minutes.

    This is "Facing East."  The band has played it before, but this is the first time for posterity.

    I'll be surprised if we get five songs during this set.  They play long.

    This is "Viva Las Vilnius," from Follow the Red Line, Underground's most recent CD.  Recorded live in this club last year.  Love these grooves.

    Pop Tune #1

    What a great solo by Adam Rogers.  Dirty blues.

    Chris Potter blistering the audience with a solo.  Quotes of "Jean Pierre" and "Nature Boy" in the solo.

    Chris Potter has picked up the bass clarinet.

    Bob Dylan's "It Ain't Me Babe."  As a ballad.  This is beautiful.

    Wow, that was lovely.

    Untitled Original.   New music

    Chris Potter and Nate Smith are playing duo.  Whole lotta music goin' on.

  • Just Press Send

    September 16, 2008. Posted by Amy Niles.

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  • Notes From The SS WBGO

    September 14, 2008. Posted by Amy Niles.

    Ahoy readers. Josh Jackson sends posts from the Village Vanguard so I have decided to do the same from the co-anchor chair during the drive. Read more