• The Montreal Jazz Festival: Day 6, 6/29/11

    July 2, 2011. Posted by Michael Bourne.

    I`m still catching up, typing about Day 6 on Day 9. There`s so much happening always and all ways in Montreal.
    More pizza.
    More people.
    More music.
    All great.

    Hilary Kole played the festival`s own jazz joint, L`Astral. She was virtually voiceless from bronchitis, but performing is anesthetizing, and, other than a slight (maybe even sexy) raspiness, Hilary was singing (especially a smoldering "Come Back To Me") and even playing piano with oodles of chops and charms.

    Darcy James Argue Secret Society, photo courtesy FIJM

    Darcy James Argue and his Secret Society orchestra played his historically inspired and politically intensified music in the Jesus Room. Argue`s earnestness in talking about the tragedy of Robespierre in the past or an innocent unjustly tortured as a terrorist in the present comes through his music. Argue orchestrates like a painter`s lines of color or a sculptor`s shapes and turns. "Habeas Corpus" created almost visual images for me, as if composed by Seurat with (instead of colorful dots) repeated points of sound around the orchestra. "Transit" scooted this way and that as trumpeter Ingrid Jensen burst through the rush.
    Every year at FIJM I hear music (usually in the Jesus Room) that re-defines or re-invigorates what jazz is or can be, and one of this year`s inspired (and inspiring) twists of the kaleidoscope came from Argue`s Secret Society.

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