• The Dollars and Sense of Blackness

    August 6, 2009. Posted by David Tallacksen.

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  • Terence Blanchard Group: Live In New Orleans

    July 31, 2009. Posted by Joshua Jackson.

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  • My Story: Nina Simone

    July 30, 2009. Posted by Simon Rentner.

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    WBGO reached out to its devoted volunteers, and requested them to submit entries to our blog.  Here's a story about the great Nina Simone by Judith Tatti. - Simon

    When I listen to Nina Simone I thank God for having put someone on this earth who sings from a place where passion is nourished by spirit, and I understand why she is called the High Priestess of Soul.

    I first heard Nina Simone when I was about sixteen. My boyfriend had albums by her and would listen to them often. At this time most of the kids I hung out with liked jazz and played the most popular jazz albums of the time, and Nina Simone’s albums were always being played.

    In the New York area everyone who liked jazz listened to this radio program at night called Symphony Sid. Symphony Sid played jazz and Latin jazz all night, from ten at night until four in the morning. It was so cool.  I remember sitting in someone’s car with the radio turned on listening to one great jazz song after another. Nina Simone had several hits that were aired on that show at that time.

    Nina Simone has a sound like no other singer, and when you hear her arrangements they are unmistakably, uniquely hers. Her songs paradoxically demand your attention while at the same time heal and soothe you.

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