• Mingus and Monk - last week in New York

    March 1, 2009. Posted by Becca Pulliam.

    The King Phillip Regional High School Combo from Wrentham, MA, was a winner in the Charles Mingus Jazz Competition, February 22 in Manhattan

    Last week was book-ended by exhilarating concerts. On Sunday at Manhattan School of Music, I witnessed the first-ever Charles Mingus High School Jazz Band Competition (Northeast). The first contender, from Gates Chili HS in Rochester, was BIG (with girls too) - as wide as a subway car is long – and FIRED UP, and the intensity continued through five potential champions, playing for keeps. Rochester’s Eastman Youth Jazz Orch won. Mingus Dynasty played at the end. Helen Sung on piano! On Friday, IN MY MIND - a multi-media Thelonious Monk at Town Hall concert - was signed sealed & delivered by Jason Moran & his 8-piece Big Bandwagon. Nasheet Waits on drums! Above the stage, images of the Flower District (the neighborhood for the jazz loft scene circa 1960) were superimposed with words, in a closed-caption sort of way but beautifully designed. It was moving to experience music, visuals and typography together. Were others there? Please comment!

  • Saxophonist Mark Turner Returns

    February 24, 2009. Posted by Joshua Jackson.

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    Saxophonist Mark Turner
    Tomorrow night, WBGO is presenting pianist Edward Simon and his quartet from the Village Vanguard stage.  The group includes saxophonist Mark Turner, who is making an early return to performance.  In November, Turner injured his left hand with a power saw.  I had a chance to talk with Mark about his injury, prognosis, and recovery.
    Listen to the interview.