• Howlin' Wolf Centennial

    June 22, 2010. Posted by Simon Rentner.

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    WBGO celebrates Howlin' Wolf's centennial this year.  Portraits In Blue host Bob Porter recently interviewed Mark Hoffman, author of Moanin' at Midnight, The Life and Times of Howlin' Wolf.  Listen to their special one-hour broadcast below. - Simon Rentner

  • Linda Manzer, Canadian luthier

    June 22, 2010. Posted by Becca Pulliam.

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    pikasso1The 2010 Montreal Guitar Show will be held July 2-4 at the Hyatt Regency Montreal, in connection with the Jazz Festival.

    At the 2009 Montreal Guitar Show, our guide Bill Milkowski -- interviewer, musician and writer -- was definite. We had to meet Linda Manzer. A couple of nights earlier, Julian Lage had performed at the Montreal Festival on a guitar custom-made by Linda. And as Bill said, "Linda's other claim to fame is having designed many guitars for Pat Metheny." Among them, there's the improbable Pikasso with four necks. (Photo from oddmusic.com.) Some strings sound like an autoharp, some like a koto, some like a bass. Linda describes designing it for Pat in this clip from the interview.

    Bill says that "Linda has revolutionized the instrument in an ergonomic sense." She introduced the wedge shaped guitar body in 1985. "It's wider on your knee but skinnier under your arm," Linda explains. The slight tapering makes holding the guitar much more comfortable.Wedge "You can squeeze the top under your arm, and look down on it. . ."

    Check out the incredible inlay by craftsman Mark Katz on this limited edition guitar, designed and signed by Manzer and Metheny. The inlay is a reproduction of Pat's doodles. Photos by Lauren Zarambo.


  • Meet The Jazz Audience: Joyce Glasgow

    June 21, 2010. Posted by Joshua Jackson.

    Joyce Glasgow of Seattle, Wash. (Image Credit: Josh Jackson)

    In the last few decades, June has become the busiest month for jazz in New York City, home to the biggest jazz scene in the world. But who is actually going to these shows? A small team of Bloggers Supreme has been attending the festivities -- primarily, the CareFusion Jazz Festival New York. In between our reports on various goings-on, we'll be talking to the some of the people who are actually in the audience. We start off every conversation with the simple question: how did you hear about this show? And be sure to check out more of our Meet The Jazz Audience series. --Ed.

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