• The Other Side of Montreal

    July 5, 2009. Posted by Amy Niles.

    No, its not what you are thinking....

    Spend a little time away from the stages here at Jazz Fest, hang out in the press room at the festival and what do musicians talk about? Why, the wonderful food in Montreal of course. Read more

  • Montreal debriefing

    July 4, 2009. Posted by Becca Pulliam.

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    FIJM changes my reality. It's like entering a dream, a very active dream. I'm home now (though WBGO stays on through tomorrow), but I will remember . . .

    . . . construction dust turning to star dust as Montreal pianist Oliver Jones opened the club l'Astral. When Ranee Lee sang "Stormy Weather," I heard the room begin to find its sound and soul.

    . . . the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra and Spanish pianist Chano Dominguez with his flamenco group including the dancer Tomasito -- lean and loose and he did a little moonwalk. Read more

  • Lee Konitz... unplugged

    July 4, 2009. Posted by David Tallacksen.

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    One of the joys of listening to all the performances here at the Montreal Jazz Festival is the consistently great sound. Whether you're enjoying an intimate performance at l'Astral or partying with thousands of other revelers in the club-like Metropolis, the sound has been clean and accurate and non-fatiguing. Still, it was interesting to walk into the Salle de Gesu and see no microphones on stage, just a bare piano, bass and drums. Lee Konitz and his quartet were playing totally acoustic. Lee walked out and thanked the audience for being there, jokingly saying, "It's good to be here... it's good to be anywhere." He put a sock in the bell of his horn and the set began with a soft sound that was always a refreshing. See more photos of the performance here.