• JazzSet host's daughter, China Moses, brings her mother onstage

    July 18, 2010. Posted by Becca Pulliam.

    How is your French?

    Earlier this month on Facebook, Dee Dee Bridgewater posted this video -- a news piece about an attractive vocalist coming to Jazz a Vienne in France. The reporter begins by noting that the singer looks familiar, and there's a reason. china

    At the conclusion of the piece, China Moses and her mother are onstage, in action -- China in the foreground, DDB at her side. China's current album is a tribute to Dinah Washington. Her pianist is Raphael Lemonnier. Their label is Blue Note in Europe. China's website has more.

  • FIJM Postlude

    July 11, 2010. Posted by Michael Bourne.

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    I brought back some music from the jazzfest in Montreal, especially some of the "very Montreal" musical crissers and crossers ...

    Lorraine Desmarais    Variation #1 from Montreal Variations

    Parc-X Trio    Fight First

    Daniel Mille    Sacha

    Manouche String Quintet    Four

    Streetnix    Dinner Music for a Pack of Hungry Cannibals

    L'Orchestre International du Vetex    Fon-der-choppe

    Red Baraat    Punjabi Wedding Song

    Caravan Palace    Jolie Coquine

    Trombone Shorty    Hurricane Season

    Brian Setzer    Jump, Jive, and Wail

    -- Michael Bourne

  • In 'Antiquity,' The Modern Roots of Aethereal Bace

    July 8, 2010. Posted by Joshua Jackson.

    (Image Credit: SteepleChase Records)

    Today's NPR Music Favorite Session features a group called Aethereal Bace, a trio of one saxophonist and two drummers.

    Two very important musicians are central to the development of this group: saxophonist Jackie McLean and drummer Michael Carvin. In 1975, they released a duet recording called Antiquity for Inner City/SteepleChase Records. It is a very good record. Here's a taste of it:

    "Antiquity: The Hunter And His Game," by Jackie McLean and Michael Carvin, Antiquity (SteepleChase/Inner City). Jackie McLean, alto saxophone; Michael Carvin, percussion. New York, N.Y.: Recorded Oct. 30, 1974.

    Who are these musicians?

    Michael Carvin is a master musician and educator who gets little recognition beyond those who know his formidable coaching method of drum rudiments. He has taught the A-list of modern jazz drummers over the last 30 years. His pupils have included Nasheet Waits and Eric McPherson, the rhythm behind Aethereal Bace and many a great recording, including the aforementioned Two Top (Piano) Trios released recently.

    Jackie McLean influenced a lot of saxophonists, especially those who sought his tutelage at the Hartt School of Music at the University of Hartford, where McLean founded the Department of African-American Music in 1980. (It was later renamed the Jackie McLean Institute of Jazz in his honor.) Wayne Escoffery, who played the Village Vanguard recently, went there. So did Steve Lehman. Abraham Burton, the saxophonist in Aethereal Bace, received his degree in music and performance there too. And Eric McPherson, McLean's last drummer, studied on scholarship. He is now a faculty member at Hartt.

    This is just to say that a lot of today's music owes a great debt to McLean and Carvin. Their recording of Antiquity is a testament to how much music can come out of them, literally and figuratively.

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