• Public Radio Music Month

    April 12, 2012. Posted by Brandy Wood.

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    In addition to being Jazz Appreciation Month, April is Public Radio Music Month (PRMM). Public radio stations which have a music focus are coming together to present special programming and talk about what makes public radio so important to music lovers, musicians and the business of music.

    There has been a "love letter" to public radio which dozens of musicians have signed, and many have elaborated on public radio's role in their careers.

    This week, WFUV's Rita Houston interviewed WBGO's Rhonda Hamilton as part of their Art of the DJ series for PRMM. And on April 13 at 2pm, WBGO's broadcast of the NYU Wayne Shorter Ensemble will be a featured event within the PRMM schedule.

    We'd love to hear your public radio music stories. Respond to this blog post by letting us know an artist you discovered on public radio or another reason you love having public radio as a music resource.

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